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A comprehensive remote control and environmental monitoring system for your boat

Easy to use web interface

Quickly view the status of your boat in realtime.

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Accessible from anywhere

Kick up your heating from the comfort of the local pub in time for you getting back!



Ensure the security of your boat with remote alerting and control



Want your boat to be warm for when you arrive? Schedule your heating from your mobile phone at any time!



Email alerts keep you in the loop with your boats internals.


I have run my own IT company for over 30 years and now enjoy shuffling up and down the ditches of England. However I have not given up my addiction to the world of the Internet and IT. My narrowboat (Andante) has a fully autonomous 'essential services' monitoring system that allows me to check on it whilst I am away and also to adjust things such as heating remotely from my smartphone, as well as protecting everything from the cold winter nights.

In a previous existence I was an electrical/electronic engineer and have brought these skills to bear on my own boat electrics and we can now run for days on batteries and have them charged back up again with a few hours cruising, no cooked batteries and no sulphation.

  • Reliable Internet access on your boat
  • IT support services on demand
  • Help and advice on boat electrics
  • BoatMon Essential services monitoring & Control system

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