BoatMON Environmental Control & Monitor

What can BoatMON do?


  • Keep your boat secure with an industry standard wired alarm system


  • Control your boat's heating and hot water by a schedule or manually
  • Monitor diesel and electricity usage (no sensors required)


  • 24/7 monitoring for critical and non critical system
  • Immediate alerts for critical failures
  • Long term data analysis

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During the development of BoatMON I have tried to keep it as flexible as possible in order that it can be adapted easily to individual requirements. The core of this is the administration console where a significant number of the operating parameters can be customised. 

BoatMON requires an internet connection to be able to email alerts to you and for you to be able to control it remotely. We can supply a specially configured router to enable your entire boat as a WiFi hot spot connected to a 3/4G cellular internet connection if you don't already have a suitable connection available. It is possible to operate BoatMON on the local wireless network if you don't have an internet connection but email alerts and updates will not be possible in this case.