Enviromental Control

BoatMON's four temperature sensors and sophisticated software work in partnership to ensure the optimum temperature of your boat at all times.


  • Keeps frost away during cold winter months
  • Ensures a comfortable environment whilst board
  • Fully programmable by day/day of week/date and time or just a simple repeating daily pattern
  • Wirelessly controlled 240v sockets to control mains appliances such as electric heaters
  • Four¬†uncommitted¬†channels for controlling simple 12v devices or 240v appliances via the wireless modules

Operation Modes

  • On
  • Program
  • Custom temperature
  • Frost protect (off)

Fuel Monitor

By using mathematical modelling BoatMON estimates your diesel and electricity usage and keeps track of your remaining diesel and shore line electricity credit, like everything else there are customisable alerts that you can configure to advise you of low fuel or credit, particularly useful when you are away from the boat so you can arrange a friend to top up your electricity meter!