See the state of your critical systems at a glance.

You can set alerts for things like: 

  • Remaining fuel
  • Battery State
  • Shore Line disconnected
  • Charger failure

...and get them emailed straight to you smartphone!

As well as giving you a Real Time display of things BoatMON also records your data over a 12 month period allowing you to spot long term trends such as declining battery performance or check fuel usage.  With the optional Solar Monitor you can see how your solar panels perform over a whole season.

The graph module provides additional information on your battery's state of charge and also calculates your solar panel's output wattage.

BoatMON has four electrical sensors two of which are dedicated to:

  • Auxiliary (domestic) Battery voltage
  • Shore line voltage

The other two can be used for a variety of purposes for example:

  • Monitoring another battery, starter or  bow thruster for instance
  • Monitoring solar panel output, and calculating Ampere Hour contribution to your batteries every day
  • Monitoring battery charge current

In addition to the four electrical sensor BoatMON also has four temperature sensors which monitor:

  • Outside temperature
  • Inside temperature
  • Hot water temperature
  • Core temperature (ideally where your water pipes run)

By using this data BoatMON can turn on your diesel heating system to prevent excessive cold freezing you water pipes eliminating the need for 'Winterizing' your boat.

More details of the heating control system can be found here.